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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dapat sejuta dollar lepas mintak kat youtube.

Pergh best betul orang ni, dapat sejuta dollar lepas buat video tentang nak sejuta dollar kat youtube. Mamat yang bernama Craig Rowin ni buat video november taun lepas. Video ni dia cerita dia mintak sejuta dollar dekat siapa-siapa jutawan dalam dunia ni yang nak bagi duit kat beliau termasuk la Lady Gaga dan Jakie Chan. Banyak betul nama list jutawan yang dia ada.Xtau la dia buat video ni serius ke x kan tp mmg seronok la beliau dapat 1M free-free jek,,ko ade?aku pun xde.hahaha.

video didalam.

ni video beliau mintak duit,,

ini pulak video lepas beliau berjaya mengepaw jutawan tuh.keh2.sempoi kan?

Sumber rasmi.
A US comedian who made a YouTube video asking for $1m claims he has found someone willing to give him the money.

The original video, posted in November last year, shows New York comic Craig Rowin telling the "millionaires" watching online about his unabashed proposition.

"Please give me one million dollars. Now you have millions and millions of dollars. Give me one million. I don't need it for anything specific, but I think it would be awesome," he says.

In a new video posted this week, Mr Rowin triumphantly says a bona fide millionaire has responded to his appeal.

"On February 2nd I will be a one-millionaire," he says.

Mr Rowin said he was "skeptical" at first but then received a notorised letter from the millionaire's lawyer outlining the terms of agreement — that he will receive $1m and give nothing in return.

He also played a voicemail message he received from the generous benefactor.

"Hi Craig, Benjamin, I was hoping to catch you in person," the caller said. "I want to talk about how to make you a millionaire."

Mr Rowin says the millionaire, who has not been identified, will present him with a $1m check live on stage at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Manhattan on February 2.

"It still hasn't sunk in yet," Mr Rowin told the New York Daily News.

"Do I deserve it? I have no idea. Maybe not. But there's so much wealth. Let me have a chunk."

The comedian reportedly insists it is not a stunt and claims to be genuinely "flabbergasted" by his good fortune.


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