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Monday, December 27, 2010

Dah Kawen Baru Tahu Suami Perempuan??

Pelik-pelik jela dunia sekarang nih. ini macam punya kes pun ada ke?

Sumber Rasmi.

Wife discovers husband is a woman

Minati Khatua launched a fraud investigation
Minati Khatua launched a fraud investigation
A wife in India has launched a fraud investigation after discovering her husband of six months is in fact a woman.
Minati Khatua from Orissa in India believed that her husband was a respectful man who told her that they could not consummate their marriage because he was observing a religious ritual.
The 27-year-old woman allegedly discovered the truth when she walked in on her spouse taking a bath, reported the Daily Telegraph.
According to the Daily Telegraph, she told the police, "I thought he was devout and respectful of me."

"But when I walked in to the bathroom there was no mistaking that my husband was 100 per cent a woman."
Police believe that the "groom," who has since disappeared, posed as a man to take advantage of the dowry.

The dowry reportedly included a car, gold ornaments and approximately US$411 (RM1272) in cash.
Source: Korea Herald/ANN

Published Dec 27 2010

so kesimpulannya pastikan dahulu pasangan anda.haha.jk.


macam ni punya kes pun ada

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