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Monday, December 27, 2010

Public Phone Jadi WiFi HotSpot??nice.

Tele Booth

Cuba bayangkan kalau public-public phone kat area rumah korang tuh jadi tempat wifi..mesti best kan,,confirm kat mane2 pun leh dapat online..dkat china dorg nk buat bende ni dah.sebab public phone sekarang agak useless la,,korang sume pun xkan nk kol gune public phone kan,,bila lah mesia nk mengemukakan idea nih.huhuh..

sumber rasmi.

Probably is better to have WiFi everywhere as you have your smartphone or other gadgets with you on the street, which you can browse the web anytime, and China intends to achieve it. The country began to work with their telephone booths to turn them into Wi-Fi hotspots, like what Hong Kong did.
It would be a great news for those who live in China. In some research stated, telephone booth gets less than one person to use it in a day, this is really wasting resource while maintaining the service regularly.
Besides telephone booth, Chinese telecom operators are trying to setup hotspots in restaurants, hotels, sport facilities, and so on. Seemingly to turn every city in China into a giant Wi-Fi network for fast internet connection if the idea is implemented.


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